The Blog

This blog discusses some common topics that may be of interest to you. The main focus is on content writing but I haven’t limited altsin to just one topic. I write about things I encounter in daily life, and things that occur around me. It could be an experience in online shopping, or something that I saw on my way back home from work. Whatever I write, it will be useful to those who choose to read it, and that’s my aim too.

The Content

All the posts you find here are original with the AltSin team. Anything taken from anywhere else is credited to the source and mentioned clearly in the article. We do not spin articles from other blogs or websites and present them as our own work. The only things that spin here are our own knowledge, experience, and imagination.

And before I forget it, all photos posted here are owned by our team. I haven’t used any photos downloaded from the internet.

Me, The Grumpy Old Guy who created this blog

Although I graduated in Western Classical Culture and became a teacher, later I decided to earn a degree in social sciences. Having the new degree added to the profile, I started writing on a variety of subjects ranging from simple lifestyle to politics and history since the viral uprising of the internet. Then one day the little green goblins in my head told me that the time had come to start my own website, to which I obliged. That was in 2008. After 4 years of hard work I gave it up and focused on writing for others again, mainly owing to the fact that my personal life wouldn’t allow me to keep up the high level of commitment a website demands. But the little green goblins were not happy. They wanted me to start another website, this time a blog based on lifestyle and social interaction. That’s how the altsin started. And the story is still being written, every day, every minute.