100 Guest Blogging Article Ideas For 2019

guest blogging 2019

Guest blogging is a great idea as a great way to get a link or two for your blog, and to get a name for yourself as a blogger of your niche. There are hundreds of SEO experts out there who recommend guest blogging as one of the most important ways of getting backlinks, and that is the truth. If you can write a good  article to an up and coming blog that would give your name a few followers, and may even get some guest blogging invitations too. Most importantly, that guest blogging article would send some traffic to your won blog too.

Can I find a place for guest blogging?

This could be a burning question you may have. Trust me, when I started writing as a freelancer many years ago I had the same doubt. I was lucky to get some buyers for my articles who would invite me to use my own name. I took myself a pen name and wrote under it all his first month’s articles which was around 3 in number. During the second month I received several emails from entry level writers asking for an opportunity to write a guest blogging article anywhere I could recommend them to. In other words, they were ready to write on any topic, for any legit website just for a no follow link.

How to find a blog that allows guest blogging articles?

This is an important question. But let me not disappoint those who are here to read the guest blogging article ideas. I will discuss how to find a blog that allows guest blogging articles later as I do not want this piece to be called a click baiter.

Guest blogging article ideas for 2019

  1. Health related topics

Health related topics are great for guest blogging as hundreds of health related blogs are looking for new content to keep their websites on the top of SEO. If you can write about things that are important to those health nuts you might be on to a winner. So what are some examples of health related topics for guest blogging articles?

  • Benefits of running
  • Breakfast ideas for workouts
  • Running or walking? Which is better for the middle aged?
  • How to maintain a healthy heart?
  1. Marketing for everyone

Marketing is where the economy is, and everyone wants a piece of it which is why hundreds and thousands of blogs come up on the subject. Many start up bloggers would love to find a guest blogging article offer for free. There are many bloggers who write on Forex which could be one popular subject you might have good experience in. Why not try to get a guest blogging offer from a start up? It could be the start of your great career.

  • Forex
  • Investment tips
  • When to sell your shares?
  1. Music

This is one of the most popular subjects among young bloggers. They would love to get a free song review from a guest blogger every week. You will get your no follow link with no trouble when they get to know you.

  • Trending music
  • Old bands that rocked the world
  • Film music composition
  1. Topics related to movies and videos

Any new movie website would welcome a guest blogging article offer to review a new movie. And if your review is a good one they might even offer you a regular column in their blog. How awesome is that?

  • How Ennio Morricone rose to his fame
  • How is an animated movie made?
  • A review on a movie
  • The history of a character in a TV series
  1. All about gardening

One of the most profitable online businesses is gardening advice and products. Bloggers are always looking for new content to stay in the tough competition of gardening blogs. It could be your lucky day if you find a website that is desperately hunting for new content.

  • What plants are best to be planted in the winter?
  • How to create drains in your home garden
  • How to care for roses in your home garden
  • Home-made fertilizer
  1. Computers and technology

Computer is a basic human need today where ever in the world you are living. Hence the registering of hundreds of computer related blogs every day. That creates the need for good quality guest blogging articles for start-ups. And that’s where you would come in. The computer website that was number one a year ago is no more the leader. Every day a new website comes up as the leader which is the reason of good quality articles uploaded every day. A good guest blogging offer could win a page or two in many new blogs.

  • How to change the RAM of a laptop
  • Computer games of the 90s
  • Oldest computers
  • Uses of old computers in the modern day
  1. Mobile phones and smart phones

What you did 5 years ago on the computer is now done using the smart phone. Websites that give you the specs, and the websites that trouble shoot them are equally important for every person today. If you can write meaningful content on mobile phone technology you might be able to find some blogs who would need them.

  • Essential apps for the android smart phone
  • How to buy a smart phone
  • What are the best materials for a phone protector?
  1. Articles on gaming

Gaming comes in many subcategories such as mobile gaming, online gaming, and offline gaming etc., while the device you play on, graphics, and level of expertise etc. are other subtopics. All these subcategories means millions of games to write on. A new gaming website will be happy to find a high quality guest blogging article offer from someone who really knows what to write.

  • Games that can be played once a week only
  • Best multiplayer games for office workers
  • Games that can be played on low end computers
  1. Vehicles and motoring

Automotive bloggers would be happy to receive a well written article about a vehicle. If you own a vehicle and have in-depth knowledge about it, or can write about how it performs, it will be a reliable article for someone who needs such informative blog posts.

  • Maintaining the engine of X car
  • How to choose the best tyres for your car
  1. Electronic items

From student to the professional, from housewife to the designer, everyone uses electronic items. You can select to write about one electronic item out of those millions of what is available and trending in the market. If you look at how many bloggers are writing about the Kindle you may get an idea what a huge market it is. And a huge market comes with huge opportunities for everyone to bite a piece out of it.

  • Best calculator for students
  • How to operate the X electronic scale
  • Formatting your tablet
  1. Industrial machinery

People read a lot online before committing to buy a piece of industrial machinery as they are expensive. And there are many blogs about machinery one of which might welcome guest blogging articles happily.

  • Cheapest excavator for a small estate
  • Best generator for a small workshop
  1. Agricultural machinery

This is another area where people look up the internet for reviews, tips, comparisons, and descriptions of different items. Writings about one of them will definitely be what some start up blogger is looking for.

  • How to fix a mud wheel to a tractor
  • Servicing a grass cutter
  1. Servicing electronic items

Many people like to do minor services of electronic items themselves to save money and save time. Any literature on a popular electronic item will be welcome by some of the millions of blogs out there. Sometimes a blogger might be looking for someone to write a piece to go with his YouTube video. It could be your chance to show your skills and win a backlink, and maybe a standing order for some paid articles.

  1. House maintenance tips

Building maintenance in small scale is always searched on the internet. And there are thousands of bloggers who write about it. A good guest blogging enthusiast has a good chance of finding one easily.

  1. Tattoo art

This is an art that never dies. Millions of youth are looking up internet for help in all areas related to tattooing. A guest blogging article on tattoos will definitely be a hit in any website on the subject.

  • Best tattoo machine for the beginner
  • Tattoo machines with minimal skin damage
  • Tattoo design ideas
  • Best numbing spray for tattooing
  1. Making toys

Making toys is a very popular pastime in many parts of the world. If you can write a guest blogging article in any language it will be welcome by a blogger as this is an extremely popular subjest.

  • Best materials to make stuffed toys
  • Materials that are good for infants
  • How to sell toys online
  • Most popular toys to sell online
  1. Making small furniture items for home

DIY is one of the most popular activities anywhere in the world. You can enjoy making something at the same time saving a lot of money. That’s why making small furniture is a really great idea for guest blogging articles. There are many homes with a tool box, and many with a workshops. Everyone is interested in learning new ways to make things, and to save money while gaining a skill.

  • How to make a garden bench
  • How to make a small table
  • How to repair a broken chair
  • Easy way to create a box out of a broken wall partition
  1. Kitchen appliance maintenance

There are many websites that review, sell, or compare kitchen appliances. There are hundreds of new models of the same appliance coming out every week and a guest blogging article on one of them would be a great way to earn a backlink to your website. Many new bloggers would welcome a free piece that’s related to their subject.

  • How to operate a (complex kitchen appliance)
  • How to clean your electric oven
  • Operating manual of the microwave explained
  • Cleaning the juicer made easy
  1. How to choose food items

If there are 9 billion people there are 9 billion choices of food. Such is the preferences of each individual, and that’s the reason why there are so many websites that talk about food. There’s always a food related blog that welcomes guest blogging articles on food for sure. If you can tell people how to choose food that suits them, then there are thousands of people to read it. A bodybuilder may look for calories while a model looks up what’s good for the skin. Look for the websites that welcome such articles.

  • Best food for the student who takes up sports
  • What food to choose for the teenage daughter
  • How to choose vegetables at the farmers’ market
  1. All about farmer’s markets

Organic foods have become a trend in the modern world, and everyone is looking out to sell their produce at the farmers’ market rather than selling it all in bulk. Good returns and a quick sale is far better than selling in bulk. But as the competition for farmers’ market goes up, people are looking for ways to beat the crowd into selling their produce. You can write about how to sell at a farmers’ market which will be a good read for anyone interested.

Is it true that only the western writers get orders?

Well, on a freelance platform where writers get paid this is true to a great extent. I know there are many people who say it’s not so but let’s be honest than be philosophical. Let’s talk the truth rather than trying to be nice.

But when it comes to guest blogging it’s not so. For guest blogging you need subject knowledge and availability, because you don’t get paid. I know I will be guillotined by the philosophical and “be nice” people but sorry to them I would rather speak the truth. Because, for the amateur, truth is far more important in building up a website.

Talking about freelance writing for money, writers from the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia get priority as I have observed while other countries are less popular. Understandably, buyers look for native speakers, and that is reasonable. But, as I said, if you have the skill of writing, and if you can write a great piece that has quality then you will be welcome by many bloggers for a column as content is one crucial element in ranking a website.

How can I find a website for guest blogging?

There is no standard formula for this. But let me tell you about my experience. When I started as a freelance writer I didn’t get any orders for the first 5 days. But all of a sudden a new blogger approached my asking if I would mind writing a piece for him to check the quality of my writing. What I said was that I would write a piece not only to check quality, but for him to publish on his website totally free. He gave me a topic and I wrote an article which he loved, and offered to pay me which I kindly refused. Ever since he has been one of my top buyers, and he trusts me 100%. On my part, I throw in a free piece when I have time which makes him happy and also ensures my position as his favourite writer.

Many new bloggers take to social media for popularity, and if you can take a minute to check out those websites you would see that they are new start-ups as those sites have less content. You can shoot them an email offering a content column for free, just for a backlink to your blog. This works out more times than you think.

I will write another post on “How to find a website for guest blogging articles,“ later for your reference. Check out altsin in another few weeks. Thanks for taking time to r