3 Golden Rules to follow in order to remember your daily tasks.


It’s a common thing we all discuss how we forgot to bring that important document to the office today, or how I forgot that item I promised my best friend. We wonder how on earth could I forget it this morning. And then we remember that the atmosphere was a little tense this morning with everyone rushing to start the new week. If you do not wish to face that horror again you might want to read these suggestions that will sure help you remember your daily tasks.

  1. Keep an alarm on your phone, not a reminder.

    An alarm alarms you while a reminder reminds you. This is not a joke, a reminder’s faint sound might not motivate you enough to get up and do it. An alarm rings that mortal fear in your mind about what happens if you couldn’t answer your grumpy boss. You can keep both the reminder and the alarm if you need, spaced a by few seconds.

  2. The best place to display your must-do list?

    That is the door knob. Or near the door knob. You will remember your daily tasks at the very last moment when you leave your room for work. This is the ultimate trick to remember things. I always have a sticky note on the door, and when I come back home the first thing I do is write what I need to remember for tomorrow. You can always add things later too. And I just take it off as I go out for work. If I run out of sticky notes I use a supermarket invoice which is ideal for writing a memo. I normally use a marker pen to write so that I will not miss anything on the list. As you walk out of the room, your door will help you remember your daily tasks. Isn’t that nice?

  3. Keep a pen and a piece of paper near your bed.

    Most things come to mind when we lie down to rest or sleep. And when that occurs to you, you must write it down. 99% of probability is that you will not remember it when you wake up. You can write anything on it: something you must take to work tomorrow, something you must buy, or even a poem. Again, a gel pen or a thin tipped marker pen is better here as you are not keeping the paper on a table while writing. A carbon pen or a pencil may not work.

As you get used to these 3 habits they will become a part of your daily routine, and you will realize that the little memo on the door is one of the most useful things you have ever done in your adult life.