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Tired of looking for free blog posts that won’t violate copyrights of others? Then you will be interested in my service. I have written another article with some tips on getting great blog content for free.

I will write free blog posts for your website on any topic. And yes, when I say free blog content, it’s totally free content for your start up blog no matter what the subject is. In return I ask you to kindly refer this page for anyone else who needs same. I will write one free blog post per week.

Please note that I have paused this service until further notice due to overload of work. But I will be back soon with free articles.

I have some tips for you until then as to where you might find great content for free.

Let us talk about what I write.

1.  Take a look at the articles in this blog and that’s some examples of what I write.

Important: DO NOT USE THE CONTENT YOU ALREADY FIND ON THIS WEBSITE. THEY ARE COPYRIGHTED. REQUEST NEW POSTS ONLY. I prefer to write articles with lists so it is easy to read, and it would not scare away the reader at the first glance. Ease of reading is the main substance in a successful blog post. Your free blog posts will receive the same love and care just like a paid service, and even more.

2.  You need some keywords highlighted when it comes to ranking a page.

I will focus on one keyword in my free blog posts and that keyword will appear in the title, first paragraph, and several other places. The keyword will be meaningful in the given context, and it will be grammatically correct. My free blog posts will be SEO articles too. If you need more keywords in it I can add one more given keyword to your free blog post from me.

3.  It is plagiarism free.

Just because it is free, it is not copied from elsewhere or spun from some other article. I am writing for my reputation, and I write genuinely original content. You can check it with any online software and see it to yourself. The absolutely free blog posts are absolutely free of plagiarism too. That is a guarantee.

4.  My content is meaningful.

It is not meant merely to increase the number of words because it is free writing work. It could be free writing work for me but for you it is an important post on your blog. And I know that. You will get awesome articles with awesome content.

5.  What kind of content do I prefer to write?

Some topics need a lot of research and some do not need so much research. I have been writing articles on online mobile games for a very long time now, and that is a comfortable area for me. So if your blog needs free content on online mobile games that would be easier for me. The free blog content I have written so far have been received well, and some of them have converted in to regular buyers now.

Now let me give you some advice based on my experience.

I have been writing web content for a very long time. I am selling on freelancing markets such as Upwork (I started when it was Odesk), and some of my clients request long articles at the expense of the quality of the content. My advice for them is “don’t blame me if your article doesn’t get enough readers.” Because the readers do not want to read a long text if it doesn’t give information at every word they go past. Therefore write what you have, and write what you have only.

If you really need to lengthen an article then consider adding some useful graphs and lists to it. That will not only make your article more informative, it will also give you a higher SEO score.

Do not forget to add a photo. A colorful photo always makes the article more appealing at a glance. It might lure the reader to look at what is behind that beautiful picture.

Get original articles, do not seek the help of spinners. It might look easier to subscribe to a spinner because it saves time. But remember that you are rewriting an article which is available in its original form on some other website. Spend 10 dollars for a genuine article rather than spin 5 articles for the same amount. Spinning only lowers the overall quality of your content.

Why am I Writing for FREE here?

That’s a good question. The answer is that this is some kind of a lottery for those random visitors who took interest in my sample articles. You come to my home and you get a gift from me. And you may get that gift by contacting me here. It’s simple as that!

Any Premium Package?

Well, there is no such thing as a “premium” package, but when you need more articles I will charge for that. You can first try the free blog content from me and then order something for a fee if you feel the free blog content received is worth of some payment. There is no need to request free blog content with a promise to buy later. I am happy that you are here, and my free blog content comes with no conditions whatsoever as I have already mentioned.

I charge $20 for a 1000 word article if you decide to buy from me, and you can pay me via Paypal. But why not get some free blog content first?