Where To Get Copyright Free Articles For Blogs 2019

altsin writing free articles

Here I am going to tell you how to get copyright free articles for your blog but let me be honest with you, there is no easy way to do that. The plain reason is that no one would want to spend hours writing articles for someone to publish as their own. But again, all hopes are not lost. I am a writer myself, and I have been writing free blog articles for more than a year now but due to overload of work I’ve had to temporarily halt that. Within a few hours of publishing the copyright free articles offer I was overwhelmed with work thus forcing me to pause it for now. It will be started again once I complete the current assignments.

Meanwhile I decided to give you some ideas as to how you could find some great articles that will be ideal for your blog.  So what are the ways to get copyright free articles for your blog?

Entry level writers

There are thousands of writers out there who would write a piece for you totally free just for a link to their profile. Some of them are really good writers with great potential, and an article at this stage would mean a great find. Someday you might go to them begging for a slot in their diary to get a great piece done. Who knows?

Every week I get several requests from entry level writers looking for a place to publish an article for free, just to get them some experience and a portfolio. I always direct them to some websites which would be happy to publish their articles with a no follow link to promote their profile too.

Bloggers looking for back-links

Every blogger wants back-links and many of them expect back-links from well-established websites. But there are also many other who would be happy to have a link from any ordinary website which is not a spamming hazard. Sharing an article would be a great bargain for them to get a back-link from your blog which would be a win-win situation for both parties.

Sometimes you may think that it would be very hard to find a legit blogger who would post an article in your blog but it is not so. There are thousands of them who would post a copyright free article just for a back-link. Sometimes they would even consider having a regular relationship with your blog so that both sites can mutually benefit.


There are thousands of students who would like to see their writings published online on something which is not a regular writing pad such as Medium. They love to see a uniqueness in where their writing works appear. Students’ writing also has the widest variety of subjects, topics, and styles. It could be a research paper that they would want to share, or it could be a scholarly article of some other kind. Whatever the topic is, it will be a copyright free article for your blog.

You can also find students who would love to write something every week just as a hobby. If your blog can reserve a column for poetry there will be a huge demand for that. Almost every kid loves to see his or her work published online so that they can boast about it and share it on the social media. A story or a poem could be a great filler for any blog as long as you can relate it to your niche. Or if your blog is about tech and science then you might be able to find some great videos made by students showing their work.

This article is not complete. I will add more as time permits.